Monday, March 30, 2015

The First Week (Not Really) of My Notebook Obsession

I have had a notebook, paper, pen, pencil, sticker, etc.. obsession for most of my life.  However, it was not until about a year ago when I found the Midori Traveler's notebook system.  The obsession has grown so much that I am a member in various Facebook groups dedicated to traveler's notebooks, Field Notes brand notebook, fountain pens and so on.  I am one of the administrators of the Traveler's Notebook Forum on Facebook.  I have more notebooks than I can possibly use, but that will not stop me from purchasing more.  There is more to this obsession than just the materialistic aspect.  I have gained many friends over this past year.  Friends which I will probably never meet in person, but we all understand each other's love of all things stationary.  None of my family or friends understand this notebook obsession.  Therefore, I feel truly honored and grateful to have my forum family. I have various ring bound planners, but for the past year it has pretty much been all about the Traveler's notebook system.  Let me briefly explain the traveler's notebook in case you are not familiar with the idea.  It is basically a lovely piece of leather with elastics.  These elastics hold in various inserts. These inserts range from a simple lined notepad to a plastic zipper pouch to a very detailed date planning system.  I originally purchased "regular" size Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN), but I soon learned it was not the correct size for me.  I also tried the Midori passport size, which was also not the right size for me.  Both we too small in different ways.  I now have an eclectic selection of traveler's notebooks ranging from a Field Notes size to an X-treme quadfold.  They all serve different functions.  Some are for planning while some are for journaling and other are for meetings I attend monthly.  I have inserts which log the food I eat, inserts that keep track of appointments my family and I have to attend.  Just this past week I created a YouTube channel for the videos I have been making.  I have been honored to receive some lovely gifts from other members of the forum for which I have created videos.  It is my way of giving back. We not only love our notebooks, we also love to see pictures and watch videos of other's notebooks.  This may seem odd to you, as it does to my family, but my forum family totally understand and encourages me to create more videos. I was thinking "Now that I have a YouTube channel, maybe a blog is the next step."  And look... here I am typing up this blog post.  So while this is not really my "first week" of my notebook obsession, this is the first week I am sharing, with you, my notebook obsession.

This blog developed from my recently created YouTube Channel.  If you are looking for videos related to Traveler's Notebooks, their accessories, and set ups please stop over.