Wednesday, April 1, 2015

About Me

I realized I never did tell you about me, Sandy, the person with the notebook obsession.  I have had this obsession for many years.  I have used various types of planners, journals etc.  However, I often do not follow through.  I just seemed to stop writing and using them for various reasons.  It was not until Christmas 2013 when my mother bought me a Paris themed journal that I really stuck with the journaling.  I completed than book and other since that time.  In March 2014 I became aware of Midori Traveler's Notebooks (MTN).  I purchased my first Midori in March 2014.  I joined the Midori Traveler's Resources group on Facebook and the addiction grew.  Not too long after I met my dear friend Glenda who with her assistance we started the Traveler's Notebook Forum.  I have since started an Instagram dedicated to ZenKraft notebooks @myzenkraft .  I am also now loading videos to YouTube under the name "MyNotebookObsession."

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